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Get answers about the ones that you could never figure out or share your knowledge or just say hello to your fellow Wisconsin antique bottle aficionados. Stop back often to see what people are saying about Wisconsin bottle collecting AND national bottle collecting. Ask questions and share history with other Wisconsin bottle enthusiasts. This site is for and by people who love collecting Wisconsin glass. Please keep the forum friendly and enjoy! Steven

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A true story.....

Cat_&_Binzle.jpgWhile the forum is for talking about bottles this is an actual photo of a talking bottle! This bottles speech was instrumental in a huge trade with Peter for one of the best beers I have ever found... The trade was this extremely rare (Almost blobless) Peter Binzel quart blob beer bottle from Oconomowoc for a Leo Laverrenz blob soda from Hartford& and a John Burkhard from West Bend. Peter heard the Binzel and came to the rescue! This antique Wisconsin bottle mega trade was made four years ago!

3-02-06 SRL

Lot's of people are looking at this forum but few post any thing. Is that because you bottle freaks have nothing to say? I think not since I have spoken/listened to you all prattling on and on about your Milk bottles and medicine bottles and clay beers and them such and whatnot! So are you afraid to say hello or to post a topic of interest? Sure, you run the risk of being scrutinized by a bunch of bottle collecting freaks but isn't that what it's all about? Come on you punky little bottle hoarders. Speak up!!! Say hello!!! Grab the bottle by the pontil and contribute. (Easier said than done) Help make this website the greatest resource for Wisconsin antique bottle collectors on the internet. All you need to do to contribute is log in and say HI! I know, I know the site can be intimidating; we have super power bottle collectors like SID and PETER AND TOM AND BOB involved. NATE sounds like a mafia hit man but he's really a playful little puppy of a collector. There is a story by the black water diver from Illinois on the site but if that's the reason you aren't contributing consider we only let him give stories for the HUNT section of the site out of sympathy! The poor guy lives in Illinois! Is it the book reviews in the article section. SO WHAT??? You don't think Krolls books are worth the paper they are printed on? You think Roger Peters is an over glorified bottle book author or that Dan Gross is only in it for the bottles? Is that it? Is that what's bugging you punky? Then say so! You can put those 'good for nothing' bottle book authors with their countless hours of self centered research and work in their place once and for all!!! Right here in the forum. Are you not contributing because that son of a gun Peter documented more clay beers from Wisconsin than you can stand to see on one website? Is that it? Did Bob go too far with the Hutches... Don't even tell me you have a problem with the blob soda gallery!!

Anyway, the whole point is if you enjoy the site (we can see you are visiting) PLEASE contribute. It's a little bit that you can do to help out. This site is for every Wisconsin bottle collector by just a few handfuls of Wisconsin collectors now. I think I speak for every one that is involved from that Oconomowoc bottle mogul 'The Kid' to those crazy Fondulac kids to Peter the tough guy clay beer administrator to Bob the Hutch zombie(He is rumored to have fallen into a cationic state loading a million bottles (Don't believe it check out that phat assed Hutch gallery!)) or even the sassy little flat lander out of the badlands south of the border... I even think Suzie in the bottle forum welcomes you bottle freaks... That's a girl! A real live girl willing to talk to you bottle nerds!!! SO... What you waiten for?!!! Log in and join the Wisconsin antique bottle talk partay today!

We need you Sparky!