Clay Beers

Stoneware bottles were among the first bottles produced for Wisconsin brewers and merchants. At least two were made in the 1850’s, and more began to appear in the 1860’s. The use of stoneware bottles peaked in the 1870’s, but by the 1880’s they began to fall out of favor. It appears that some were still being used even in the 1890’s, but by the turn of the century they had become obsolete.....Read Full Introduction To The Clay Beers Gallery

IMPORTANT! If you know of a Wisconsin clay bottle that is not shown in this gallery please let me know.

Contact me with your wish list or what you have for sale or trade. I will do my best to connect the people with the bottles to the people who collect them.

Favorites - in my opinion these are the top Wisconsin clay bottles from this gallery (in no particular order:) Wm. E, Hopkins, Gunther & Berns, Calgeer, Meesow, Lill's Ale, H.A.M Waukesha, Eberl Grand Rapids, T. Schlachter.

Bottle Collections

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