Wisconsin antique bottle HALL OF FAME:::.

This page is about the bottles. Every collector has their own story from how we got started to our favorite bottle. This page of the mrbottles site however is dedicated to recognizing Wisconsin antique bottles of extreme rarity, phenomenal individual quality or characteristics. The mrbottles site is about making information available. When we first started collecting my brother Bob and I had great difficulty getting information about even the most common antique Wisconsin bottles we found. While our beloved Wisconsin bottle authors have done a fantastic job most of the books are in limited publication or are unavailable to the upstart collector. If you have unique or beautiful bottles why not share a glimpse of them? In doing this website I have been overwhelmed by the openness and generosity of many collectors I've also been befuddled and confused by the lack of willingness to share of a few. Wouldn't it be nice for every one to enjoy these pieces of the history of our hobby and the great state of Wisconsin?

If you have Wisconsin bottles or even pieces of this caliber please tell the story... and send photos! I'll be glad to make arrangements to come photograph them myself!

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