This freak of nature came totally unexpected from the second hole in a yard where we had dug the largest outhouse we have ever dug, the Okauchee stage coach house. The bottle was in the bottom heavy packed, sparsely populated layer of an early pontiled privy. How many people ever find a local pontiled bottle much less an unknown open pontil medicine from one of the most collected small towns in Wisconsin?

The bottle is embossed on the front panel, "UNCLE SAM'S COUGH SYRUP OCONOMOWOC," on one side panel, "UNCLE SAM'S," and on the other side, "OCONOMOWOC WIS". It's a beautiful deep aqua. Uncle Sam's has about an inch of the neck on one side and is broken back to the shoulder of the bottle on the other side. Even broken this one raises the bar for every bottle hunt in Oconomowoc. How good is it? REAL GOOD!

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