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New content is what every Milwaukee or Madison or Wausau or Oconomowoc or really any Wisconsin antique bottle collector wants to see on the site. In hope of generating new content for every antique bottle collector to enjoy this antique wish list was developed.

Here is your opportunity to let the Wisconsin antique bottle collecting community and the world at large know what bottle you would like to acquire more any other Wisconsin bottle. There is one simple catch; in order to have a bottle on this wish list you must contribute content for the site in order list the bottle you want with your contact information on this site.

One new listing of an antique bottle will result in a two month Wisconsin antique bottle wish list listing. A new antique bottle Hunt Story or article will result in a six month Wisconsin antique bottle wish list listing. Each Wisconsin antique bottle collector who contributes content will be allowed one and only one Wisconsin antique bottle or old bottle on their wish list at any time. Any individual Wisconsin antique bottle can only be listed by one site contributor so get in now and lock up the one you want in case someone finds it and wants to get rid of it today. When an antique bottle listing expires another collector may take over that listing by contributing content. The expiration's I have set on these listings are intended to encourage Wisconsin antique bottle collectors to contribute new content in order to keep their wish list bottle on the site.

Some major previous and ongoing contributors to this Wisconsin antique bottle site have a perpetual right to have a bottle on the wish list. This site generates a lot of antique bottle traffic from all over the world. This is your chance to contribute and maybe, if you are lucky and the stars all line up just right, the chance to achieve your Wisconsin or really any antique bottle collecting Holy Grail.

Click here to send me your content and send me your wish list bottle and contact information too!

Name Wish List Wisconsin Antique Bottle Contact Click to email Wish Expiration
Steven R. Libbey (mrbottles) Blossoms Badger Ale Milwaukee Wisconsin NEVER
Tony Gruber Mor krembs Fon Du Lac pre-hutch blob soda bottle July 2008
  Mrs. B. Sturm West Bend Wisconsin



Nate Hennings

Quart E. Eaves, Mondovi, WIS. hutch w/ Tombstone Slugplate




My wish list bottle...Somebody PLEASE send me a Blossoms Badger Ale!


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