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You all thought those antique Wisconsin bottle ads and slogans were bunk right? Well, check out this Gridley ad and the subsequent update on the life and times of Neil the featured Gridley milk aficionado...

Hi Steven,
Wisconsin milk bottle GridleyHow fun, that you have seen it. Hope we can track one down for my family, to go with the poster. Neil A. Pohl: Dad said he was about 2 1/2 yrs. old when the Guttenstein Photographer took this image. Dad was born June 1915, died Dec.'98. He had four kids, and ten grandchildren. In High School, he was in track and field and said Jessie Owens was a competitor, at several meets. Jessie was setting records then; Dad was 6'1", and ran the 100 yard dash very fast. Dad was nominated All American as a football star Center, while Attending at U of Wisconsin. He was an Engineer. Worked as a Factory Manager during W.W.II, for the war effort. His interests lay in gardening, grilling, pre-historical man, golf, tennis and physics (quantum mechanics). Just recently, I believe he took Physics classes under Eugene Wigner, a Noble Laureate. Most fondly he was known by his kids and grand kids as sharing his martini olives.

KC Neil's youngest Daughter

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