Have a question about rarity or value of your Wisconsin antique bottle? The administrators of this site have access to some of the most advanced and knowledgeable collectors in every category of Wisconsin bottle. We track auction and private sale prices as well as national value trends. If we don’t know what an antique bottle is worth we will find out. It’s not difficult to amass thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars worth of value in an antique Wisconsin bottle collection. Maybe you’ve found a few unique bottles and would like to know what they really are worth before you sell. Mr.Bottles offers free estimates of value. If you need a more detailed written appraisal for insurance purposes we can do that as well.

Simply write out a description or send photos of your antique Wisconsin bottles. An assessment of value will be done and will be returned as soon as possible.

Got a pontiled cobalt Bliss Mineral Water? It's worth a boatload!

A beauty of pontiled Bliss Mineral water Steve would love to trade for

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