Charles F. Bliss, a resident of Racine Wisconsin since 1847, operated a bakery and confectionery. About 1864 Charles started manufacturing soda and mineral water. Peters (author of WISCONSIN SODA WATER BOTTLES 1845-1910) indicates Bliss was located on the east side of the river between fourth and fifth streets and advertised fountains filled to order in the late 1860's.

This cobalt iron pontiled bottle is as good as it gets for a Wisconsin bottle collector. The example pictured here is virtually attic mint with only slight oxidization from being buried for the better part of 150 years! The color is described by author Dan Gross in his book OLD WISCONSIN SODAS as, "Delf Blue." The top has a sleek smoothly applied blob. The embossing juts off the bottle a half inch if it does at all! This one is the shizzmit!

While Peters speculates Bliss only started bottling in 1864 he also estimates Bliss started in business in 1847. The fact that this one is pontiled may indicate Bliss was bottling a little earlier than 1864.

I know of two other examples. One rumored to be mint and one badly damaged that is likely to show up repaired some day.

I have one, I'd love three. Got an example you want to sell or trade, PLEASE email me!


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