Oakton Spings Water A 3 Gallon Jug

This one makes the Hall of Fame in an unusual way. Yes it is rare but rare enough to stand alone in the Hall Of Fame? Not so sure. This one has an insanely crude period repair. The consensus of Wisconsin Stoneware Collectors who have seen it is that the repair was done when the jug was still in use. It is an incredible seemingly impossibly tight application of heavy hand wrought and keyed bands to hold the jug together when a hairline crack appeared. It makes this a one of a kind that there is likely no others examples like and a poignant example of how much more frugal people were in the 1870s.

Back of Oakton Springs antique stonewarethree gallon jug

Pewaukee Wisconsin Oakton Jug Handle

Steel band Oakton Springs jug repair

1870s stoneware repair on Pewaukee jug

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