1077? A.J. Eastman, Portage, Wisconsin

This is another variant that is unlisted. The lip is applied, and the base has what appears to be a number, "3" embossed on the bottom instead of, "G2." However, it may or may not be earlier than number 1078, but I have numbered it as 1077 due to there being no number gap between the WIS Glass Co. variant and the 1890's, S.B.& G.Co. variant. I think that it more than likely dates from c.post 1885-1890 era, but this is only an opinion.

Embossed-"A.J. Eastman, Portage, WIS."

Size-Half Pint

Color-Blue Aqua

Make-Applied Lip?

Glass maker-"?", A number "3" is embossed on the base of the bottle.

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