6014 ? E. Schermerhorn, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Another E. Schermerhorn from Oconomowoc, WI. defying the time bracket for this company in Roger Peter's book, listed as being in business from the early 1910's to about 1914 when the Company changed to, "E. Schermerhorn & Son." This example now puts the the E. Schermerhorn Bottling Works back to c.1908!! The Kid has another unlisted example with no visible glass maker and a pined out initial on the base, which I would assume to be the first variant of this embossing style. In my opinion, the mold was usually corrected later, and the error came first. So, his example may be even earlier! So I numbered this unlisted example as the second earliest variant known, "number #6014" and the Kid's variant as, "6013." Here is the bottle info

Embossing-"E. Schermerhorn, Oconomowoc, WIS." The town, "Oconomowoc." is embossed arching downward. and the base of the bottle is blank. The glass company and date code, "8-S A.B.Co." is embossed on the heel of the bottle.

Size-Half Pint (Approx.)

Color-Light Green

Glass maker-A.B.Co.


Dimensions-Height-6 5/8" and Width-about 2.25" inches.

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