Antique soda bottle cleaned to show color

This Mathews gravitational stopper soda bottle is extremely rare. It is one of three ever recovered. One of the three is fragments, one is heavily damaged and this example stands as the singular only example of the bottle. Owned by Mr bottles myself, (not a big fan of over cleaned bottles) it takes a lot for me to trust someone with my prized pieces. I don't fear damage to my bottles so much as the ruination of the integrity of my antiques. I hate to see bottles with the mold seams cut off in the tumbling process. I have been nearly brought to tears by one of my holy grail bottles also by Otto Zwietusch being irreversibly altered in the cleaning process. The glass artisan Steve Hochhalter is as good at tumbling as people get. Bottles with exceptional color are and rarity are the most desirable bottles to collect for me. The color on this beauty just did not show through the oxidization. The Glass Artisan skipped the cutting process at my request. In cleaning antique glass cutting removes a little more sick glass and gives a uniform surface to the glass. When cleaning antique glass cutting is where a lot of novice and lesser glass cleaners do damage. (In my opinion) Steve works some kind of magic removing the thin layer of sick glass while not altering the integrity of the mold seams, striations in the glass and other glass characteristics that antique glass has before the glass cleaning process. Look at the before and after bottle cleaning images. Steve did an exceptional job cleaning this extremely rare antique bottle by doing minimal cleaning. What the pictures don't do justice to is the fact that light after cleaning shines through the bottle letting the unheard of color shine though. I couldn't be happier with the result.

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