E. Eaves, Fountain City, Wisconsin

Here is a nice pale light green, 1/2 pint early machine made crown top soda bottle from the Bottle Vulture embossed," E. Eaves, Fountain City, WIS." inside the slug plate. The first two lines of embossing arch downward, and near the base on the front of the bottle is embossed, "Contents 7 FL. OZ." A number, "47" is embossed on the heel of the bottle. The exact date and glass maker are unknown, but the quality and style of glass looks like a classic piece made by the ROOT glass co. This bottle definitely dates from the mid to late mid 1910's. E. Eaves made the move from Mondovi, WI. to Fountain City, WI. to bottle soda there in either 1911 or 1912.

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