Ibenthal & Busch (Quart), Middleton, Wisconsin

Here is an early machine made crown top brought to the site by the joint effort of the Crown Top King and this other crazy person who is always down for adding bottles to the site. Thanks!

Embossed-"Ibenthal & Busch, Middleton, WIS." is embossed in a circular form around the inside of the slug plate, and on the shoulder in faint letters (That are undistinguished in this photo), is embossed with the word, "Registered" arching downward.

Make-Machine Made/ ABM. Crown Top Soda Bottle

Size-Quart (Approx.)

Color-Light Green?

Glass maker-None Visible

Date-c.1909-1914 (I have seen machine made crown top beer bottles that date to c.1909 made A.B.Co." and c. late 1914 is when almost all bottlers had to list their contents, so, I listed this as part of the date bracket.) However, this is just my view based on some past research from what I've seen, read and heard from reliable sources.

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