The Storck Brewing Co WI

This clear blob top bottle has an embossing reading, “THE STORCK BREWING COMPANY SCHLEISINGERVILLE WIS.” Schleisingerville later became Slinger. What a history this brewery had. It operated under a lot of management teams: Charles Storck partnered to start Storck & Hartig Brewery in 1877 which then became Chas. Storck & Co. Brewery (1884-88, then Chas. Storck Brewery (1888-95) and Chas. Storck's Brewery 1895-1903. His estate operated the brewery for a year and then it became Storck Brewing Co. until 1912, Storck Cooperative Brewing and Malting Co for a year and then Storck Brewing Co. until Prohibition (1920). Then it restarted as Storck Products Co. Brewery (1933-53) and finally Storck Brewery Inc. until it closed in 1958. This bottle is from the period of 1888-95.

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