WISG CO Bottle cleaned to a sparkly yellow

This bottle was found by a friend in the Rock River. With a dark dullness to the bottle and no bottler embossed on it the antique bottle was still desirable to me because it was from Wisconsin Glass. Wisconsin Glass is known around here for their low quality glassware. The saggy glass and crudely applied blobs are loved by Wisconsin collectors. I picked this bottle up just to use as a bud vase. For the first two years I owned it that is exactly what I used it for. Then I picked up a similar Wisconsin Glass quart and decided to see how much color would show through if the bottle was cleaned to match the attic bottle I acquired. The Glass Artisan made the bottle look unbelievably better by polishing it. The only complaint now is the bottle is too good to use as a bud vase after cleaning. Notice you can now read the Wisconsin Glass makers mark on the bottom after cleaning.

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