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The origin of collecting Wisconsin soda and mineral water bottles dates to 1845 when William M. Cunningham, a Milwaukee druggist, expanded into producing and bottling soda water. As of now there are no known surviving Cunningham bottles. Milwaukee, the fastest growing Wisconsin Territory 'metropolitan' area of the day, in the Wisconsin frontier, quickly spawned more of Wisconsin's earliest bottlers... READ MORE on Wisconsin Blob Sodas > >>

Wisconsin Blob Soda Bottles
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0100 John Henrichs Appleton
0102 O. William Windels Appleton Wisconsin
0451 Rote Blanchet Baraboo
0563 Caspari Beaver Dam
0564 Caspari Beaver Dam
0991 Eaton Burlington Wisconsin
1200 Banse Cedarburg Cold Spring
1204 G. Banse Cold Spring Cedarburg
1205 Banse Cold Spring Cedarburg
1715 M. J. Matt Joannes EauClaire
1946 J. E. Hickey & Co. Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
1948 C.R. Hickey Fond Du Lac
1950 Hickey & Eaton Fond Du Lac
1952 Hiram W. Eaton Fond Du Lac
2021a Mor. Krembs Fondulac
2024 P. Harnois Fondulac Wis
2055 Valentine Fond Du Lac Wis
2131 Fred Hepp Fountain City, Wisconsin
2225 Myron Williams, Green Bay, Wisconsin
2226 Seessenguth Chilton
2226a Seessenguth & Son Chilton
2227 Seessenguth Chilton AMBER
2392 Weissleder Hartford Wisconsin
2394 Weissleder Hartford Wisconsin
2396 Laverrenz Hartford Wisconsin
2647 Gray & Co.
2648 Gray & Co Janesville, Wis.
2649 Gray Janesville Wisconsin
2650 Gray Janesville Wisconsin
2662 Gray & Reed Janesville
2695 H.M. Hickey Janesville Wis
2846 L M Maurer Kenosha
2847 Louis Maurer Kenosha
2848 L. M. Louis Maurer Kenosha
2980 B & H Kiel Wisconsin Soda bottle
3045 G. Carl, La Crosse, Wisconsin
3326 I. A. Lindestram Madison Wis (pontil)
3328 I. A. Lindestram Madison Wis (pontil)
3329 J. & A. Lindestram Madison (pontil)
3329a J. & A. Lindestram Madison Wis (pontil)
3330 J. & A.Lindestram Madison Wisconsin
3338 Schulkamp Madison
3628 Schwarzenbart Manitowoc
3629 Schwarzenbart Manitowoc
3631 Schwarzenbart Manitowoc
3632 Schwarzenbart Manitowoc
4544 M. Enes Milwaukee Wis.
4545 Martin Enes Milwaukee
4590 John Graf and P.H. Madlener Milwaukee Wisconsin
4591 Graf & Madlener, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
4592 Graf and Madlener, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
4594 Graf & Madlener Milwaukee
4596 John Graf And PH. Madlener Milwaukee Wis
4597 Graf & Madlener Milwaukee
4604 Graf & Madlener Milwaukee, Wisconsin
4604a Graf and Madlener Milwaukee
4874 Grisbaum & Kehrein Milwaukee
4923 Henk & Co Milwaukee
4965 Hickey & Son Milwaukee
4966 S. Hickey & Son Milwaukee Wis
4966b S. Hickey & Son Milwaukee
4969 Hickey & Holcom Milwaukee
5006 Hopkins Milwaukee Wis
5007 Hopkins Milwaukee Wis
5008 Hopkins Milwaukee
5012 Hopkins Milwaukee (ghost)
5021a Hustings Milwaukee
5329 K & D Milwaukee
5332 C.K. Kunckell Milwaukee (spelled MILLWAUKEE)
5334 C. K. Milwaukee Wisconsin
5337 Kunckell Milwaukee Wisconsin
5473 Meixner Milwaukee Wisconsin
5474 Meixner Milwaukee
5475 Meixner Milwaukee
561 H. Lambeck Beaver Dam Wis.
5653 ? Joseph Ramstock Milwaukee, Wisconsin
5654 Ramstack Milwaukee
5657 Reiter & Bersch Milwaukee antique blob soda bottle
5659 J. Reiter & CO. Milwaukee
6076 L W Milwaukee Wis
6077 L. Werrbach
6078 Werrbach Milwaukee Wis
6080 Werrbach Milwaukee Wis
6081 Werrbach Milwaukee
6082 L. Werbach & Co. Millwaukee, Wisconsin (double mis-spell)
6084 Werrbach Milwaukee Wis
6087 Werrbach Milwaukee Wis
6088 Werrbach Milwaukee Wis
6198 Wolf Milwaukee Wisconsin
6213 Joseph Wolf Milwaukee Wis
6213 Joseph Wolf Milwaukee Wis
6227 Z. Witusch Milwaukee
6228 O. Zwietusch Milwaukee Wisconsin
6229 O. Zwietusch Milwaukee
6231 O. Zwietusch Milwaukee
6231b O. Zwietusch Milwaukee
6232 O. Zwietusch Milwaukee
6258 Joseph Lean Mineral Point Wis.
6602 Michels Oconomowoc
6734 Hickey & Holcomb Oshkosh
6736 Arnold Bros. Oshkosh
6771G Houer & Pfeil Oshkosh Wisconsin
6870 Tischaefer & Co Palmyra
7025 Jos. Malherbe Port Washington Wisc.
7262 Bliss Racine Wisconsin
7275 Smith Racine Wisconsin
7286 Veth Racine Wisconsin
7796 Imberg & Co Sauk City Wisconsin
7955 J.F.K. Kausler Sheboygan Wisconsin
7960 Pfeil Sheboygan Wis
8935 Eaton & Woodward Watertown
8935a Eaton & Woodward Watertown
8938 Eaton & Green Watertown
8939 Eaton & Green Watertown Wisconsin
8943 S.M. Eaton Watertown Wis
8944 S.M. Eaton Watertown
8991 Menk Watertown Wis
8991 Menk Watertown Wis
8991B Th. Menk Watertown
9034 J.E. Eaton Waukesha Wis
9037 Mostert & Bischoff Waukesha
9641 John Burkhard West Bend
9798 J.E. Hickey White Water Wis
Bliss Mineral Water Racine cobalt Pontil Wiss
Hopkins Milwaukee Celebrated Mineral Water
Meeske & Hoch Milwaukee Blob soda bottle
S. Hickey & Son Mineral Water Milwaukee
0992 Eaton Burlington
4605 John Graf Milwaukee
4964 S. M. Hickey & Co.
6771 Houer & Pfeil Oshkosh Wisconsin
A Lindestram Madison WI
A Tennessen Kenosha WI
Bliss Racine Blob Bottle
C R Hickey Fond Du Lac WI
C.Kunkel (C.K.)., Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Caspari Beaver Dam WI
Eaton and Green
F G Klein Co Burlington WI
F Schultz Prairie Du Chien WI
H Schulkamp and Co Madison WI
Hickey and Eaton Fond Du Lac WI
Hopkin's Milwaukee Blue Glass Blob Soda
Imperial Springs Brewing Co Waukesha WI
J C Harder Beaver Dam WI
J. Reiter Glass BlobSoda Bottle
J.E. Hickey White Water WI
Janesville Clear Glass Blob Bottle
John Weissenberger Milwaukee
Jos Arnold Oshkosh WI
Joseph Ramstock Milwaukee
Joseph Wolf Milwaukee
L Werrbach and Co Milwaukee
M Greenwald Kenosha WI
Meeske & Hoch Milwaukee Blob Bottle
Meixner Clear Glass Blob Soda Bottle
Milles Milwaukee
Milwaukee Blue Glass Blob Bottle
Milwaukee Bottling Co Minneapolis
Mineral Water Blob Bottle
Peter Steinbach Kenosha WI
Property of A Tennessen Kenosha WI
R & B Blob Bottle
R.T. Wardell, Eau Clare, Wisconsin
Reinkober and Rau Chilton WI
Rote Blanchet Baraboo
S Hickeys Glass Bottle
Seessenguth Bottlers Chilton WI
Tischaefer and Co Palmyra WI
Unlabled Clear Blob Bottle
Waukesha Imperial Springs Brewing Co
Waukesha Soda Water Co Waukesha WI
Werrbach Milwaukee Brown Blob Bottle
Wisconsin Christin Gravitating Stopper Bottles
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0673 J.E. Eaton Beloit
0993 Bower & Howland Burlington
2652 Gray & Co Janesville Wis.
6199 Wolf Milwaukee Wis Unlisted
6200 Wolf Milwaukee Wisconsin
Wisconsin Five Gallon+ Blob Mineral Water Bottle(s)
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Graf's (Front), Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Wisconsin Half Gallon and Gallon Blob Sodas
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Allouez Magnesia Mineral Spring Water (1/2 gallon-paper labeled)
Ashland Bottling Works (Picinic), Ashland, Wisconsin
Bethesa Mineral Spring
Bethesda Mineral Spring Waukesha (half gallon)
Elim Mineral Spring ,Milwaukee ,Wis. (very rare-1/2gallon)
Roxo, Waukesha, Wisconsin
A R Nitz and Co Milwaukee WI
Bethesda, Waukesha, Wisconsin
Fox Head Springs, Waukesha, Wisconsin
Henry Schinz Bottling Co Milwaukee
J Arnold Oshkosh WI
J B Reiter Milwaukee WI
Middleton WI Clear Blob Bottle
Nee-Ska-Ra Mineral Springs, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Schimmel Bottling Co Milwaukee
Wisconsin Matthews Gravitating Stopper Bottles
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? G. Carl, La Crosse, Wisconsin
1201 Banse & Co Cold Spring, Cedarburg Wisconsin
1716 Matt. Johannes Eau Claire, Wisconsin
333? John F. Zinns Manitowoc Wis.
3334 J. & A. Lindestrom Madison
6234 ? O. Zwietusch, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
6235 ? O Zwietusch, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
6236 O. Zwietusch Milwaukee, Wis.
6237 O. Zwietusch Milwaukee
6239 O. Zwietusch, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
7076 H. Lambeck Portage City Wis.
7963 F. Seidemann, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
3047 G Carl (Short Neck), La Crosse Wis.
7957 J. F. Kausler Sheboygan, Wis.
Wisconsin Matthews Spring Stopper Soda Bottles
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3332 Lindestrom Madison Wisconsin
3333 J. & A. Lindestrom Madison, Wisconsin
6225 Zwietush Milwaukee Wisconsin
6226 O. Zwietush Milwaukee Wis
J & A Lindstrom, Madison, Wisconsin
O. Zwietusch Milwaukee PONTILED
Wisconsin Mineral Water Bottles
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? Wagner Madison WI
3423 Wagner & Bollenbeck, Madison, Wisconsin
3813 J.A. Hanson & Co., Marinette, Wisconsin
4955 S. Hickey Milwaukee Wis pontil
4956 S. Hickey, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
4957 ? S. Hickey & Son Superior Mineral Water MIlwaukee, Wisconsin
5005 Hopkins Milwaukie Wis
5656 Reiter Bersch & Ennis, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
5963 Taylor & Brothers Milwaukee Wis
7260 C.F. Bliss Racine cobalt Pontil, Racine, Wisconsin
7261 C.F. Bliss (Mispelled "WISS" abbreviation), Racine, Wisconsin
7972 Sheboygan Mineral Water Co., Sheboygan, Wisconsin
9796 James E. Eaton Whitewater Wis
Allouez Mineral Springs, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Chippewa Spring Water, Chippewa Falls, Wis. gallon
Chippewa Spring Water, Chippewa Falls, Wis.
Chippewa Spring Water, Chippewa Falls, Wis.
Chippewa Spring Water, Chippewa Falls, Wis.
Chippewa Spring, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
Clysmic Mineral Spring Co.
Henk Mineral Spring, Waukesha, Wisconsin
Oakton Springs Water bottle Waukesha Pewaukee, Wis.
A C Henks Mineral Spring Waukesha WI
Adolph Wagner Madison WI
Adolph Wagner with Paper Label Madison WI
Bethesda Mineral Spring, Waukesha, Wisconsin
C Cassel Whitefish Bay WI
Chippewa Spring Water
Clysmic Mineral Springs Water Clysmic Springs WI
Imperial Mineral Springs Waukesha WI
Salvator Mineral Springs Green Bay WI
Shealtiel Mineral Springs Waupaca WI
Wagner and Bollenbeck Madison WI
Wagner and Kayser Madison WI
Waukesha Mineral Springs Co., Waukesha WI
Waukesha Mineral Water Bottle Front and Back
Wisconsin Quart Blob Soda bottles
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? Moritz Hoffman, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
?C. Volkman, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
0504 Oscar Alpeter Baraboo, Wisconsin
1002 F.G. Klein, Burlington, Wisconsin
1003 F.G. Klein & Co., Burlington, Wisconsin
1004 ? F. G. Klein Co. Burlington, Wisconsin
1100 H. Hessell Cameron Wisconsin
1681 Minnehaha Springs Bottling Co. Eagle, Wisconsin
1739 C. Volkman Eau Claire Wisconsin
1741 C. Volkman Eau Clair (mis-spelled), Wisconsin
1800 Joe Evans Eau Claire, Wisconsin
2022 Mor. Krembs Mineral Water Fond Du Lac Wis (quart)
5020 John Graf Milwaukee
5038a E. L. Husting Milw. Wis.
5040 E. L. Husting Milwaukee, Wisconsin
5042 E. L Husting Milwaukee, Wisconsin
5594 ? Obermann B. & B. Co. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
5681 J. B. Reiter Milwaukee, Wisconsin
5682 J. B. Reiter Milwaukee, Wisconsin
6117 L. Werrbach Milwaukee, Wisconsin
6413 Mount Horeb Bottling Works, Mount Horeb, Wisconsin
6487 W. Volkman Neillsville Wisconsin
6609 Lugviel Oconomowoc Wis
6875 Palmyra Springs Bottling Company, Palmyra Wisconsin
7096 Purdy Bottling Co. Portage, Wisconsin
7173 F. Schultz Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin
7191 E. Klawitter Princeton, Wisconsin
7750 E. Kaiser Ripon, Wisconsin
8314 M. Huls & Co Stanley Wisconsin
8956 Badger State Bottling Co. Watertown Wis
9880 John Cook Whitewater Wisconsin
9893 Whitewater Bottling Works, Whitewater, Wisconsin
9894 Whitewater Bottling Works, Whitewater, Wisconsin
Allouez Springs ,Green Bay ,Wis.
C. Volkman, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Gilbert Gilbertson ,Neillsville ,Wis.
Grisbaum & Kehren Milwaukee Wis
J.J. Handlen, Green Bay, Wisconsin
John Graf, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Manitowoc Bottling Works ,Manitowoc ,Wis.
O. Zwietusch, Milwaukee, Wisconsin?
Otto Zweitusch ,Milwaukee (Emerald Green/Wis. Glass Co.)
6118 L. Werrbach Milwaukee, Wis.
Anton Moudry Kewaunee WI
E Kaiser Ripon WI
E.L. Husting, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Grisbaum & Kehren, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
J J Handlen Green Bay WI
J.J. Handlen, Green Bay, Wisconsin
John Graf, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
John Graf, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mount Horeb Bottling Works Mount Horeb WI
Oberman B and B Co Milwaukee
Salvator Mineral Springs, Green Bay, Wisconsin